Weekly Digest – 6 December 2022

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A wave of fresh strikes is set to hit over the holidays

A decade of low pay paired with the rising cost of living has union leaders saying that workers are deadly serious about disrupting public services. The Guardian has gathered a timetable of the public and private strikes set to hit this winter.

CBI says we’re already in a recession

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) downgraded its economic growth outlook this week, saying that the UK is already in a recession, which is expected to last into next year.

Government’s failure to encourage businesses to invest in green projects is weighing on the economy

In the same report, director general of CBI Tony Danker said the prime minister’s lack of ambition for the low-carbon economy is leaving business bosses “confused and disappointed”.

Oil prices rise as G7 implements cap on Russian crude

The G7 implemented a cap on the price of Russian oil at US$60 a barrel on Monday. However, Russia said it will not accept the price cap and threatened to stop exporting oil to countries adopting the measures.

Wage increases haven’t kept pace with food prices, making a Christmas meal much more expensive this year

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) says Christmas staples like turkey, pigs in blankets, carrots and roast potatoes had risen in price by 18% in a year, while wages had only gone up by 5.7%.

Flexible work requests can soon be requested from day one

Under new government plans, employees will no longer have to wait 26 weeks before requesting flexible working arrangements. Employers will have to discuss alternative options before rejecting a request.

Accountancy firm to close offices over the holiday to save on energy bills

PwC, one of the UK’s largest accountancy firms, will close most of its offices over Christmas and New Year for the first time to save on energy bills. The company employs about 24,000 people and will shut its central London office from 23 December to 3 January.

How a £21bn crypto empire crumbled in three days

30-year-old Sam Bankman-Fried had become one of the biggest names in the crypto industry, but his company FTX went bankrupt, and his wealth dropped by 94% in 24 hours.

Ticketmaster targeted by Swifties for failed ticket purchases

A group of 26 Taylor Swift fans in the US is suing Ticketmaster after a failed bid to buy tickets for the superstar’s upcoming tour. They allege that the company is guilty of fraud, price-fixing, and anti-trust violations.

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